Our proposals are the result of our own evolution and experience obtained in the manufacture of composite materials generally in constant contact with Professionals of field and Customers.

The professionalism, the quality content, the spirit of continued evolution that we stand out, out stretched to innovation has permitted RedWings to acquire growing position in the market proposing also in the future as leader and partner of trustworthy security.


Master and mould manufacturing

All masters are made with CNC machine. All mould are made in fiberglass or alluminium, they are used for laminating all pieces of the models.

Painted System

Painting section in room with high pressure, to paint all the pieces of the models and to obtein a good finishing after extract of the moulds

Lightness System

A particular sandwich technology, vacuum system, particular materials with a light weight and a hight resistance.

Laminating section

We used special materials as carbon fabrics and aramidic fabrics. We used also new materials studied only for us.


Vacuum technology

Vacuum room to obtain a perfect sandwich with high quality and light weight

Hot room

High temperature in a room to do the post-cure. It’s very important to obtain the complete polimerization of the resins

CNC Machine

A lot of carbon parts, fiberglass parts and alluminium parts are made with a CNC machine, to obtain the perfect dimension


The models are made in series. A lot of models are available in stock. Each model is in a suitable box.